Easy Mix, is our range of easy DIY juices. All you need is to pick your flavour, your nicotine strength, put them together, shake it and vape it. The flavour sections come in 60ml bottles, and the nicotine shots come in 10ml bottles. The flavour bottle will have space for either 10ml, 20ml, 40ml depending on your preference of strength. For example, a 10ml nicotine added to 50mls of pre-flavoured VG will make 60mls of juice with 3mg nic

Shake it, Vape it!!!

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  1. VG Easy Intense Menthol

  2. Ube Macapuno EasyMix

  3. Summer Solstice EasyMix

  4. Perfect Pear EasyMix

  5. Mangeaux EasyMix

  6. Lychee Limeade EasyMix

  7. VG Easy Juicy Blueberry

  8. VG Easy Mixed Berry

  9. VG Easy Purple Grape

  10. VG Easy Ripe Peach

  11. VG Easy Spearmint

  12. VG Easy Straight Tobacco

  13. VG Easy Sweet Strawberry

  14. VG Easy Vanilla Silk

  15. VG Easy Caramel Tobacco

  16. Jubilee EasyMix

  17. Hilo Snow EasyMix

  18. Debbie Harry EasyMix

  19. Mixed Berry

  20. Liquorice Torpedo

  21. Juicy Blueberry

  22. Intense Menthol

  23. Fresh Mango

  24. 45 by Certified EasyMix

Items 1-32 of 46