UD Coils Ferris Wheel Box

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If you're looking for a wide choice when building your atomizers then look no further than the UD Ferris wheel, containing 70 pre-built coils of various resistances and types


The Ferris wheel from UD contains the following pre-made coils, all with 2.8mm inner diameter

10 x 30G*4 quad twisted - 0.5Ohm 10 x 28G*2 twisted - 0.5Ohm 10 x 26G*2 twisted - 0.5Ohm 10 x 26G + 32G clapton - 0.6Ohm 10 x 24G - 0.5Ohm 10 x 26G - 1.2Ohm 10 x 26G - 1.0Ohm

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